Set list in Yokohama

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Sat Jul 24 08:01:25 CDT 2004

>L. Bird pkeets at
>Set list in Yokohama

Sod all this Economics crap!
*This* is more like it!

 >24 July 2004
>Yokohama 240704
>The band have just finished a blistering 90 minutes set (in blistering heat
>too!) at the Yokohama Stadium.

They're used to it!  They played Hershey Park!

>People said that the Japanese crowd may be more reserved than audiences the
>band were more used to but they went wild.

And then sat quietly for Aerosmith?  ;-)

 >The show ended with Pete
>destroying his guitar....which I caught on film, so I'll be processing some
>stills and video over the next few hours so keep checking back.

Oh!  It *had* to be a good night!
Or, maybe Pete got pissed?
Why am I reading into Matt's statement that it was a destruction like an
exclamation point at the end of a ripping show?
I hope!

Kevin in VT

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