Alan McKendree amck at thenetdr.com
Sat Jul 24 00:19:03 CDT 2004

Posted by request of Scott Pottersmith aka Ozzie:

Hello Everyone,

  It is Friday the 23rd, and I have one week before I hit the road to
  LA. If all goes according to plan, I'll be arriving in LA on Aug.
  1st, and flying to Honolulu the next day! From there, it's off to
  Maui for the show and a couple of days of diving, and then back to
  LA for WHOLA-LA and the HB show. This will be the last All Lists
  update, but I hope to get another one or two Whola E-Updates out
  from Maui.

  It looks like everything is in place and ready to go for WHOLA-LA.
  We have room for 55+ and including my clan, we have maybe 20 or so
  people confirmed. I did send out a number of free tickets as per my
  previous offer, as well as sold some of the very cool WHOLA-LA
  laminates, mouse pads, and tee shirts, a very big thank you to
  everyone that purchased!!! There is still time to order WHOLA-LA
  stuff, but you would have to pay for Fedex delivery, or pick it up
  at the Whola. There won't be any shirts sold at the Whola that
  haven't been ordered in advance.

  I'm going to send the Pig and Whistle a flyer to post, inviting Who
  Fans to the Whola. On the day of the Whola, I will hand out tickets
  as people arrive, up to the capacity of the room (about 35
  additional tickets, unless I receive requests for more laminates,
  which will reduce the number available handouts even further.) The
  people that have laminates and tickets are guaranteed entry all day.
  If we reach capacity, people without tickets will be politely asked
  to leave. I don't think this will happen, but anything is possible!
  There will be a Who show going on across the street, so there will
  be a few fans in town.

  The schedule is pretty much the same other than the recent addition
  of Relayers List Babe Trrish, doing a "Video Interruptus" session of
  personally selected Who Video from 2-3, and "The Who Show" full
  electric gig is now scheduled for Sunday, 10:30 PM at Molly
  Malone's, and there will be a $5.00 cover, a portion of which will
  go the John Entwistle Foundation.

  The semi acoustic set by "The Who Show" is still on for 3:00 PM on
  WHOLA-LA Monday at The Pig and Whistle.

  Well, that's about it for now. Don't forget to bring an item for the
  Who Toy Table giveaway. See ya in Honolulu, Maui, LA, or all three!

  Love to all,
  whola$$$$@wholapalooza.com  (remove the 4 $ signs from the address)

  ps I have a room at The Guest House on Maui for the 4th and 5th,
  which is very cool little place. Has a pool and Jacuzzi and only 4
  rooms. So if you want to share the room, let me know. It would cost
  you about 108.00 for both nights.

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