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Jim Marshall: The Father of Loud
Rich Maloof
Backbeat Books
The inspiring and totally historic life story of the man who has made 
millions deaf. Happy, but deaf. We're talkin' 'bout Jim Marshall of Marshall 
Amps. Still kickin' at 80-some years old, Marshall is a drummer turned music 
store owner turned amp guru to the Gods - it was the likes of young Pete 
Townshend and Ritchie Blackmore who first convinced him to build the amps 
that rocked the world. Complete with descriptions, photos, and specs of just 
about every Marshall product ever made. Former editor Rich Maloof 
spent time with Jim Marshall in London and New York to capture the story, 
and it's well-told. Fun and informative, it reflects Mr. Marshall's 
contagious optimism and even awe at his own success. A definite must-read 
for all rock history buffs as well as gear-heads.

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