Let's not confuse things...

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Fri Jul 23 20:03:11 CDT 2004

>Tom Fency
>Let's not confuse things...
>Although free market system is the foundation of Capitalism, there are some
>misconceptions when one is equalized with another. A pure free market
system means

While I wouldn't call myself an "Economist", my degree in Economics does
tell me that you can't go comparing "nowadays" Capitalism to a pure free
market system.
Both Capitalism and Free Market System are used at times with the adjective
"Pure" in front of them.
"Pure Capitalism" is indeed the same thing as a "Pure Free Market System."

But, as Mark very aptly summarized, there's no such thing except in theory

We have laws.
And, for a reason.

You can't have a form of government that has the responsibility of helping
out those in need, yet have the same government turn it's back on some basic
regulations that help protect it from having to pick up the tab down the
road.  And, to think that *every* *single* person at the same time in our
country can make it via "pure capitalism" is a fallacy that implies there
will never be poor people.
Our good friend Alan continues to live in fantasy world.

Let's not forget the concept of "For the people, **by** the people...."
Laws on the books are for the vast majority confirmation of our own social

And, Ms. Keets needs to know that I'll take the definition of Capitalism
from a Harvard Phd'd professor in Economics over "Dictionary.com" anyday.

Oh brother.

Kevin in VT

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