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Fri Jul 23 18:36:19 CDT 2004

Matt has posted a diary and some pictures from Tokyo.  Everybody looks good. 
  Where do you suppose Roger got the little high-water pants?  Isn't he 
supposed to wear flip-flops with those?




  23 July 2004
Tokyo 230704

Here we are again! Arrived in Tokyo yesterday to a really nice welcome at 
the airport. The band arived to a lot of fans ready to greet them...a really 
nice sight. Tokyo is VERY hot at the moment, over 100 degrees and, for many 
of us, it is our first time here. It's a really nice and cool experience (as 
well as an expensive one!!!!). The people are ever so friendly.....my neck 
hurts from bowing....and can't do enough for you and everybody seems so 
excited to have the band here.

Tonight it was a rehearsal / soundcheck for the first show tomorrow at the 
Yokohama Stadium. It's an impressive venue that's for sure - a soccer 
stadium that seats 60,000.

The band play at 5pm tomorrow, on before Areosmith (the curfew id 9.00 pm!) 
and will play for 90 mins. Here's some photos from the soundcheck - I'll 
post some video in the morning.


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