L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Jul 23 10:10:40 CDT 2004

>Therefore it is within reason to believe in free markets while being wary 
Capitalism. Or to get beyond the terminology, unchecked capital freedom
ultimately undermines a free market economy. This is a breakthrough in
understanding for me. Thank you.

You're welcome again.  :)

I might go on that the opposite to capitalism is socialism/communism, where 
the reigning philosophy is that wealth should be shared.  The extremes of 
either capitalism or socialism would destroy the workings of a free market, 
so moderation seems to be the key.

>I know this is seriously getting away from The Who, so Alan, Keets or 
else who wants to put me further on the path to understanding here, I really
would appreciate a response off-list.

The subject did come up in relation to Pete.  My opinion is that Pete is an 
intellectual and an artist rather than a capitalist, and I believe he tends 
to lean socialist and to give away much of what he takes in from the Who's 
catalog.  However, as Alan says, he seems to lean also to the Objectivist 
philosophy that values freedom and individual achievement.  He keeps pretty 
tight control of his business interests.


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