Rabbit Diary - July 15th 2004

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Fri Jul 23 09:04:10 CDT 2004

>Tom Fency
>Rabbit Diary - July 15th 2004
>Maybe your type of American -- with a little help of the Government -- 
>put money into the pockets of who talks against the war, but that specific
>type is far from of being the majority of Americans. The next election will
>show, you'll see. We all will see.

While a step in the right direction, real change will and has to come from
We need to accept that we are an increasingly flawed society.
Uncaring in so many ways.

Not the leaders of the world that we portray ourselves to be...by *any*
stretch of the imagination.
If we again want to be, we need to change many things and in a drastic way.

I agreed with every word Rabbit wrote.
Hmmmm, what Old Red Wine is he drinking, I wonder?

Ok, enough of that...
At least from me.

Kevin (looking for a BIG change in direction over the next decade) in VT

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