Rabbit's Diary

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Fri Jul 23 08:55:36 CDT 2004

>Wow...I almost tolerated what Rabbit wrote till I got to this line. That 
>was harsh. What musicians, actors, have to realize is they have the right 
>to say ANYTHING they want in this country. We, the consumer, have the right 
>to not put money into their pockets for doing so. Don't get me wrong, this 
>won't effect me and The Who. It would take a lot to do that, but I think 
>Roger and Pete
better have a little talk with Rabbit.  What he talks about effects the 
entire group. Like it or not, that is the way it is. Just look at the Dixie 

In these times, it's possible you're right.  I guess you read what I posted 
about Clear Channel making it seem The Chicks lost income when their album 
actually went to #1 on the charts?  Still it's bad publicity that will put a 
bad taste into some mouths.

>The majority of Americans stick together and don't tolerate bashing of our 
>country, it's almost as if we are protecting our children.

It's good to protect our country, but in this case there's been no consensus 
in the decision making.  When you consider questions about direction to be 
"bashing" and solidarity to be more important than democracy then you're 
experiencing something called "groupthink," which can lead to serious policy 

>I am STILL waiting for Alec Baldwin to leave :)

He won't, because he's sincerely concerned about the U.S. and about our 
foreign policy.

It's interesting to see that Rabbit was a dissenter during the Vietnam War, 
thought not, apparently, very activist.


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