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L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Jul 22 23:20:26 CDT 2004

>>Ummm.  No.  Because that still suggests a form of God that comes to us 
>>from organized religion.

>My point is that when I say I think one of Pete's works is "spiritual", I
mean it relates to his interpretation of god.  I think spiritual is the
ideal word to use, but for some reason we're trying to bend it to mean
something else.

I think it's the ideal word, too.  I just think it IS ideal because it's a 
very general word that covers a broad array of feelings not necessarily 
related to Christianity or even to a Christian type of God.  It's very 
likely that some of Pete's ideas come from the East, and some of his imagery 
from other sources, so we have to be prepared to look at other ideas about 
God to interpret the songs.  Pete seldom mentions God directly, so I'm not 
sure of his definiton.

How do you think we're bending the word?  Is this an unusual use of it?

>>I think that in order to cover all viewpoints any definition of 
>>spirituality will have to be extremely basic.  I'd go for something like:  
>>An awareness of the wonder of the cosmos and a questioning of it's origin 
>>or of our place in it.
>How does that sound?

>Sounds like something profound, but not spiritul, to me.  What can I say? 
>Let's just sterilize all of our words, so that no one feels left out, shall 

I'm not trying to sterilize it.  I'm just trying to include that first man 
who ever looked up at the stars and said "How wonderful they are!  What do 
you suppose makes them turn like that?"  It takes us back to a time when 
science, religion, mathematics and philosophy were all the same and there 
was no division between.


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