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> Brace yourselves, this one is heavy....
> And Mc, just let it go.  No need to go bashing Rabbit.

I have no reason to bash Rabbit.  I agreed with much of what he wrote.  There 
are LOTS of things wrong with this country, and to choose to prefer other 
places is every man's right and should be ultimately respected.  It's also every 
person's right to criticize a country and its leaders.  I thought Rabbit's 
remarks were respectful and fair, though a bit disjointed and scattered.  That's 
his creative nature, I suppose.  His writing has more of a poetic feel than a 
narrative or prose feel.

If Sir Elton, for example, had simply criticized U.S. societal intolerance 
for anti-war expression, I would have been singing his praises.  I actually 
agreed with Sen Clinton when she railed against the climate in this country 
post-9/11 that it was un-American to criticize Bush or speak out against the war.  
This is when my extreme dislike for that bozo, Sean Hannity, began .  He kept 
questioning liberals' patriotism because they criticized Bush and the war.  It 
made me sick.  There is NOTHING more UN-American than bashing people simply 
for speaking out against government policy.  The un-patriotic person was Hannity 
and his ilk.  They think that patriotism is waving a flag and supporting a 
President without questioning his policies.  Such a stance is anathema to what 
patriotism should be in this country.  If our society becomes Hannitized, I'd 
rather live elsewhere.

One of the things I love about Pete Townshend is that he is truly a free 
thinker.  Many on the left and the right become slaves to their ideologies and 
cease to truly think for themselves.  The have to first determine what the left 
or right should think, then they form their views.  Pete looks at issues with a 
truly clean slate, it seems, and comments based on his original thoughts and 
logic.  We should all be so truly open-minded.  It's not an easy thing to do, 
which is what makes Pete such a genius.


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