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Thu Jul 22 22:53:46 CDT 2004

>Well in my college English program, more that one professor taught that
water imagery was usually sexual. I won't make an argument for that here,
but I've always remembered it.

Did they give any basis for that?  Or any history for it?  I could see it in 
some contexts, but in general the ocean doesn't remind me of sex.  Like some 
folks are saying here (uh-hum), sometimes these things are a stretch, and I 
just can't see the basis for them.  I am of the opinion that word choice is 
significant, though, and that it offers clues to the writer's meaning.

>However, I vaguely recall quotes from Pete about sound and the sea. About
how once as a kid on a boat trip out into the ocean the sounds put him into
some trance and when the motor stopped, he had a breakdown. Anyone remember

I believe it was in his "Boy Who Heard Music" diary.  He thought the boat 
motor was very musical, and when they turned off the music he was upset.

>At another point he describes a Who audience as a sea. And doesn't some of
the Sufi philosophy have something to say about the sea? Maybe that's
exactly what you're talking about with the cleansing, returning to the
source thing.

Most people in the world wash with water, so it has a strong connection to 
cleansing, and I can understand the sea as source of life and the place to 
where all rivers and streams return.  Those are both easy to understand, and 
are very natural symbols.

>Oh and as for the Clear Channel thing, I may have stepped in over my head.
I'm just annoyed at the whole business of music right now. I get annoyed at
entities who step between people and the things that enrich them only to
control the flow in both directions out of pure greed.

I guess I understood your comments well enought.  Clear Channel is something 
that's been ongoing news here, as they appear to want to control a huge 
chunk of the music business, and John Hughes posted once that they were 
attempting to secure a foothold in the UK, as well.  I was concerned enough 
about it that I added some email to the comments to the FCC against the rule 
change when it was in the works.  However, once it's done, folks who are 
more directly affected will have to carry the challenge.

I'll repeat something I posted just recently:  The House of Blues filed an 
anti-trust action because Clear Channel was banning artists from their radio 
stations that didn't use their tour and promotion services.   An example of 
this type artist would be The Who.  Has anyone noticed a lack of Who songs 
on Clear Channel radio stations?

>Guilty parties are Clear Channel, some Churches, and Health Insurance 


Whatever, it seems helpful to track changes that are likely to affect the 
music business.


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