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> Water in general is about cleansing.  I
> would think flowing into the ocean is about finding unity, returning to a
> source. 


Well in my college English program, more that one professor taught that
water imagery was usually sexual. I won't make an argument for that here,
but I've always remembered it.

However, I vaguely recall quotes from Pete about sound and the sea. About
how once as a kid on a boat trip out into the ocean the sounds put him into
some trance and when the motor stopped, he had a breakdown. Anyone remember
At another point he describes a Who audience as a sea. And doesn't some of
the Sufi philosophy have something to say about the sea? Maybe that's
exactly what you're talking about with the cleansing, returning to the
source thing. 

Oh and as for the Clear Channel thing, I may have stepped in over my head.
I'm just annoyed at the whole business of music right now. I get annoyed at
entities who step between people and the things that enrich them only to
control the flow in both directions out of pure greed.
Guilty parties are Clear Channel, some Churches, and Health Insurance

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