Naked I

Jim M nakedi at
Wed Jul 21 17:27:14 CDT 2004

Jim M (petenotped) here.

I've been meaning to change my address on the list for a while, but couldn't
think of anything suitable.  It's time to drop the "ped" reference and move
on.  I believe I asked ML for suggestions and he referred me to Scott, who
had come up with his handle.  No luck there.

So, I'm in the shower today, thinking about the last day's posts (really!),
including the joke about not wearing pants at the movies, and I thought of a
response I wanted to make when I got out.  While doing so, I thought, "we
should really indicate when we're posting naked."  I mean, some of us must
do it sometimes, right?  And no one has any idea.  I was going to suggest
putting an (n) next to your name or something.  Then, this being a Who list,
I thought I could sign my post "Naked I."  Then I said, "hey, that's the
address I've been looking for!"

So from now on, that's me.  Oh, and it's a comcast address because Hotmail
wouldn't let me use "naked" in the address.  Talk about infringing on my
first amendment rights.  I blame the government!

Jim M

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