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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Thu Jul 22 14:28:21 CDT 2004

> I agree.  I don't see Jimmy as being on some kind of
> spiritual search.
> His world is collapsing around him.  He's dealing
> with the immediacy of *that* problem in QUAD.


Right. How can it be the primer on adolescence if it's
also a spiritual quest? "I went back to the
preacher/Full of lies and hate/I seem to scare him a
little/So he showed me to the golden gate..." And with
that, the subject is dropped.

> get by with guests on just one song?  If so, who
> should they get?  Eddie 
> Vedder?  Kelly Jones?  Anybody else?


Been there, done that. Tommy in LA, remember? Besides,
who wants them to turn into Santana. Carlos has no
cred with me anymore...he's become a sideman. The Who
would become a backup band.
> Hmmm.  You don't think the Book of Job is
> optimistic, do you?

I think Job was an optimist, don't you?

> What about Ecclesiastes?

It's been too many years. I don't recall.

> reworked into a much rawer and uglier song that's
> about pain and lonliness 
> and being lost on the dark side.

Perhaps, but the lyrics are about naked guys in
trenchcoats and kids stealing "girlie magazines."

> How IS he to deal with it, though?

Maturity. That's the solution to teen angst.

> I consider this one of Pete's cynical works, BTW. 

It's a cynical time of our lives.

"I don't bring God into my life to-to, you know, kind
of be a political person."
    George "my brain hurts" Bush

Cheers         ML

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