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Thu Jul 22 07:01:49 CDT 2004

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> >Religious is not the right word for me to use, since it suggests
> >religion.  How about divine?
> Ummm.  No.  Because that still suggests a form of God that comes to us
> organized religion.

My point is that when I say I think one of Pete's works is "spiritual", I
mean it relates to his interpretation of god.  I think spiritual is the
ideal word to use, but for some reason we're trying to bend it to mean
something else.

> I don't believe Sir T. Browne's quote, either.  If God
> has laws that are a transcript of his/her nature, they're natural laws,
> spiritual.

I'm not asking you to believe the quote.  I just pointed out that the
dictionary this suppsedly "non-religious" definition came from provided it
as the usage example.

> I think that in order to cover all viewpoints any definition of
> will have to be extremely basic.  I'd go for something like:  An awareness
> of the wonder of the cosmos and a questioning of it's origin or of our
> in it.
> How does that sound?

Sounds like something profound, but not spiritul, to me.  What can I say?
Let's just sterilize all of our words, so that no one feels left out, shall

Jim M (trying to get signed up for the list using a new address and not
having much luck)

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