Good Life For Bad, and Quad Spir.

AlxandriaWho at AlxandriaWho at
Thu Jul 22 09:45:57 CDT 2004

I always assumed surrendering good life for bad meant giving up the 
"superficial" good stuff like money, possessions etc.
You know, like the stereotypical consumer "Good life" ...(keeps making me 
think of the song sung by Frank SInatra or Perry Como or one of those guys too..)

Working with the (ironic) title "bargain" which often refers to financial 

Similarly I see "spirituality " in Jimmy in Quad in his learning to forget 
about the superficiality of the clothes and other things in the mod life and 
realize "it's all a game and inside we're still the same" (Cut my hair), in a 
frequent pete theme of the superficial appearance vs. (not necessarily 
religious/whatever new word we'll invent) spiritual aspects of life (Eminence Front, 
Face the face,  etc) 

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