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And as we are talking about inconvenient ideas, let I put a little one more 
caught on the web:

"Music is a form of vibrational mastery. Music is a vibration and therefore 
a form of vibrational communication. Music is not a human attribute, but 
rather, a spiritual attribute; therefore, it runs by different principals 
than you experience in human form. It is for this very reason that you have 
a separate part of your brain dedicated to interpreting and remembering 
vibrations in the form of music. As young children you often memorize 
complicated things by putting them into musical form. (...) So play the 
music that is of your heart and that means something to you. Define your own 
collections of your best songs. Define things that bring you to tears and 
then share it with others when they ask. That is one of the doors that can 
open in vibrational communication right away. That is one of the easier ways 
to overcome initial inertia. Music will become more important as you become 
closer to Home."


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>>his weird attitudes and inconvenient ideas, i.e., Pete himself
>Inconvenient ideas?  Heheh.  That's funny.  :)
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