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L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Jul 22 00:34:58 CDT 2004

>I agree.  I don't see Jimmy as being on some kind of spiritual search.
His world is collapsing around him.  He's dealing with the immediacy of
*that* problem in QUAD.

How IS he to deal with it, though?

>And I don't believe, sitting there on that rock "in the middle of a stormy
sea," that Jimmy was reaching out for spiritual guidance or knowledge.
He was bloody well ready to off himself!

He's about to drown, right?  This is double edged imagery.  Pete already did 
that song "Drowned" earlier in the piece that foreshadows this end.  It's 
about death, but it's also about drowning in love.  Whose love?  Not 
Steph's, I'd guess.

>Besides, Jon always said that sea imagery represents evil & danger.  It's
the *river* imagery that represents spiritualism & enlightenment.  "Let
me flow into the ocean."  Not "Let me flow into the river."

Hmmm.  I don't know that I agree.  Water in general is about cleansing.  I 
would think flowing into the ocean is about finding unity, returning to a 
source.  It's true that Jimmy's situation on the rock was one of peril, but 
I think it's about either finding death or enlightenment.  He gets to choose 
at that point.

Or maybe he doesn't get to choose.  As David says, maybe finding 
enlightenment and unity with the Universal Consciousness is to die.

I consider this one of Pete's cynical works, BTW.  ;)


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