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L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Jul 21 23:26:39 CDT 2004

>>But cynicism doesn't preclude spirituality.

>You can't be spiritual and cynical at the same time. To be spiritual is to 
>be optimistic.

Hmmm.  You don't think the Book of Job is optimistic, do you?  What about 

>>He needs who's help?  Could this be "How can you do it without God?"

>Um...he's talking about masturbation, though. I know, now you're going to 
>cite the Priests who abuse children as a connection.

Nope.  The live recording of "How Can You Do It Alone" (apparently an early 
version) is lighter and more about sexual matters, but this has been 
reworked into a much rawer and uglier song that's about pain and lonliness 
and being lost on the dark side.

I prefer the live version, BTW.  It's more subtle, and I think it says the 
same thing without being so painful, which makes it hard to listen to.


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