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L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Jul 21 23:06:36 CDT 2004

>>Are you saying that this second definition posted here is totally 
>>religious?  Is morality necessarily dependent on religion?  Or the concept 
>>of a soul or spirit dependent on religion?  I don't think so.

>God's law is spiritual; it is a transcript of the divine nature, and 
>extends its authority to the acts of the soul of man. --Sir T. Browne."

>Religious is not the right word for me to use, since it suggests organized 
>religion.  How about divine?

Ummm.  No.  Because that still suggests a form of God that comes to us from 
organized religion.  I don't believe Sir T. Browne's quote, either.  If God 
has laws that are a transcript of his/her nature, they're natural laws, not 

I think that in order to cover all viewpoints any definition of spirituality 
will have to be extremely basic.  I'd go for something like:  An awareness 
of the wonder of the cosmos and a questioning of it's origin or of our place 
in it.

How does that sound?


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