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Wed Jul 21 17:47:30 CDT 2004

> Besides this, I gather "Athena" is very much about a girl named Theresa.


Indeed.  As Pete states in the liner notes to SCOOP 3:

"The song was written after I had been to see The Wall with my friend Bill
Minkin & the actress Theresa Russell who was about to marry the film 
director Nic Roeg with whom I hoped to work on a new version if LIFE-
HOUSE.  I got drunk as usual, but I had taken my first line of cocaine
that very evening before meeting her & decided I was in love.  When I 
came to do the vocal on this the following day I was really out of my mind
with frustration & grief because she didn't reciprocate.  But as you can 
hear, I was obviously enjoying myself.  I respectfully changed the heroine's
name to "Athena" & The Who got a medium hit."

No mention of the theme of war.

> You can't be spiritual and cynical at the same time.
> To be spiritual is to be optimistic.


I agree.  I don't see Jimmy as being on some kind of spiritual search.
His world is collapsing around him.  He's dealing with the immediacy of
*that* problem in QUAD.

And I don't believe, sitting there on that rock "in the middle of a stormy
sea," that Jimmy was reaching out for spiritual guidance or knowledge.
He was bloody well ready to off himself!

Besides, Jon always said that sea imagery represents evil & danger.  It's
the *river* imagery that represents spiritualism & enlightenment.  "Let 
me flow into the ocean."  Not "Let me flow into the river."

- SCHRADE in Akron

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