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Wed Jul 21 15:02:03 CDT 2004

> isn't supposed to dictate 
> what you can say and what you can't, but it doesn't


The issue is free speech, don't doubt it for a second.
Don't listen to those who say it's not. When the
government is fining people, it's a free speech issue.
And while the fines may or may not be the same, the
enforcement is engaged at a much lower standard now,
since the Janet Jackson incident.

> I admit there's a question about the FCC using fines
> to censor artistic expression.

There's no question at all. The enforcement is

> religion.  How about divine?


THAT would be simply...never mind.

> No, it is not freedom of speech to ban someone from
> performing in a theatre you own.


That's assuming, of course, that there's no pressure
from the government discouraging dissent. Clearly it
exists; check any Bush rally. People have gone to jail
for protesting peacefully. If you don't believe me, do
a google on the words: Free Speech Zone.

> I wrote that in the tone of throwing out random
> interpretations without
> examining my word choice to carefully.


I didn't take it quite that seriously, I knew what you
meant. I will allow no chance for a joke to pass,
however. That's just me.

> One caveat, I'm not a
> scientist, so be easy with some of my assumptions
> here.

Scott is the only scientist here, I'll leave it to him
to hold you to a Hawking standard.

> Everything
> can be broken down to these essential parts can it
> not?

Of course.

> What is the glue that holds
> all this together in so many perceived colors,
> textures, sounds and forms?

What is the Cosmic glue.
> Is it one large living symphony of being? Could
> "core matter" as I so
> carelessly referred to it, ultimately be vibration?

Ah, but is it a purposeful vibration? Or random
vibration? As I read you, the One Note is the
vibration and is therefore purposeful.

> Could this vibration be
> the stuff of life that exists outside of our
> scientific understanding? Could
> it be the genesis of our thoughts, dreams and
> aspirations that oddly arise
> out of our random collections of atomic matter?

It could, it could.

> As you see, I have no answers, only questions. Well
> one answer - maybe.

If you had the answers, I'd suspect them anyway.
Anyone declaring that they know the "truth" is wrong
to start with. They can make an intelligent GUESS, at

> Maybe there a universal "chord" that unlocks the
> tension and returns all
> that feel it to the universal consciousness.

That would be my complaint. I wouldn't want to lose my
individuality to become a mere minute part of a

> contradicting them. Pick a religion, any real
> religion.

Yes, there are many false ones out there.

> standpoint. Isn't the
> ultimate reality supposed to be beyond our feeble
> comprehension anyway?

At least...for the moment. I'd like to think we will
unlock it eventually.

>No is a perfectly
> acceptable answer. In time it will happen anyway.

Right, it's not like I have a choice. So I'll answer
as above: I'd rather not lost my individuality, but if
it's that or non-existence, I'll take one order cosmic
matter to go, please. 

> Note idea. I need a beer. 

Gin! Gin is the drink of Who fans!

> Meaning, I'd make sacrifices for you.
> Doesn't seem odd to me.


It's the particular wording, the particular sacrifice.
It's sacrificing in the wrong direction, I guess you
could say.

> Tramp.


> I'd go for Heather Graham, or Rene Zelwiger (sp?).

Graham, YES, Zelwiger, nah. Not interested.

> Or, Both!

Well...I'd give it a try, see what happens. I'm
willing to be that big about it.

> It was Jesus!


I have to point out that those who believe in Jesus
believe he's one branch of God, so he IS God in the
sense Pete's talking about.

> Every damn one about a carpenter who lived some 2004
> years ago!

Actually, the calendar's been changed so that's not
strictly true.

> Perfect.

And...Ultimate. As in the ultimate Who album, the
ultimate ROCK album, the ultimate adolescence album.

> But what if customers have no other choice? There's
the crime my friends.
This administration appears to be no friend to the
capitalist spirit


That's only TOO clear! It's got a record of squashing
those who speak against them.

"[T]he illiteracy level of our children are
      George "pie are square" Bush

Cheers         ML

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