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>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked at>
>Subject: Re: The Who's reputation
>No, I said Pete was among the "new romantics" in the
>`80's, and this is an `80's album.

That's what he said, I heard it!

>Oh, yeah well a lot can be read into it. I just find
>it odd that in a spiritual song, Pete suggests he'd
>give up a "good life for a bad one."

Meaning, I'd make sacrifices for you.
Doesn't seem odd to me.

>Oh, so they're (Depends) working for you? That's good news!

I'll let you know in about 40 years or so.
Actually, I'll post it here.
(thinks to *will* it all end?)

>The perfect girl? Heather Locklear in,
>Hooker something...PI?

I'd go for Heather Graham, or Rene Zelwiger (sp?).
Or, Both!


Last seen crawling around in the grass with a magnifying glass.

>It would be a mistake to assume that Pete was talking
>about the Christian God,

But wait, what about that Pete-quote where he states that all his songs
are about Jesus??
What, you don't take Pete at his word???

>It's another way of saying: I'll make the ultimate

On that same page again.  But, isn't that indeed spiritual?
I'm lost.
And, that's ok.

>From: "Jim M" <petenotped at>
>Subject: Re: The Who's reputation
>OK, just to clear up where we stand, here's what I think:
>Bargain:  100% spiritual.

Yes!  Go man, go!

>Eminence Front:    100% non-spiritual.

Right!  You're on a roll!

>"kill"?  you'll have to do better than that.


>Real Good Looking Boy:    Partly spiritual. 

Right again!

> Kevin's right.

Damn, you're good!

>But, what
>is this "theatre in the sky?"  "Quite what that means, I don't know."

A lofty ideal?
An ideal that not everyone attains?
But, is that Heaven?
I don't think so.

What strikes me is that Pete writes in such obvious teeny-bopper
grand-populous-pleasing ways, yet has those second meanings hidden in
At times, I feel like Pete writes for the masses, and then attributes
other meanings as he sees fit.
Take WAY for example.
It has one clear meaning.  One that Pete has spoken about and
Yet, now, it's part of Lifehouse????
Talk about poetic license.

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at>
>Subject: All Sorts of Things....

You're looking at bugs and how they came to be!
Is there a bug God?  A bug heaven?

Sorry, didn't mean to cut you off.

>I've been away so long.....

"We've been so saaaad and loonely.."

>Well, I'm back from my self-imposed exile.

On Main Street?

>I felt really bad about my last
>"discussion" with Jon, so I decided to take a break from you lot.

Sheesh!  What'd *we* do???

>No matter
>what some would like to believe (cough!Jo!)

You disrespecter, you!

>I did not drive him from the

Walk him?  Fly him?

>He's doing well & doing his own thing.

Hey now!

>But, I do want to publicly apologize to him, & the entire list, for my
>the-top tirade.  I am sorry.

I, personally, didn't find it over the top.
I felt it was a passionate expression of your belief.
I actually found it humorous.  Go figure.
Maybe I'm warped, but I was surprised at the reaction.

>in light of all the goddamned militant *spiritualism* on this list!)  

IGTC's name is being changed to the 700club.

> ;-)


>Now.....all that being said.....

That *was* a mouth full.

>> Paradoxically, Howard Stern and Clear Channel (both high-profile 
>> supporters of the administration) have been heavily fined.  
>Er....have you listened to Stern lately?  He's on a mission to help
drive Bush
>from office.  He's decidedly anti-Bush & blames Bush for much of his
>troubles with the FCC.

Wow!  I missed that!
You're right on the ball Cousin.
Stern is rabid against Bush and devoting *MUCH* time at spreading the
He gave Michael Moore a standing ovation when he was recently in the
And, much of his anger is at the FCC for twisting Clear Channel's
Relates directly to the treatment the Dixie Chicks received.
No, no government involvement there.
Uh huh.

>But, man, Jim, wait till you see that YMB performance.  Wear some old

Or Depends!
You gonna wet yo self!

>> After all, Pete has said that ALL his songs are about God.
>(breathing deeply)

Hang in there.
Think about Jon.
Easy big guy.
Take a lap around the room.

>Please don't make me list all of Pete's songs that *aren't* about God.

It was Jesus!
All about Jesus!
Every damn one about a carpenter who lived some 2004 years ago!
>Imagine how long that list would be!

Please don't clog the list...

>> The very early songs are mostly not spiritual at all.  Then much of
>> and all of Lifehouse are very spiritual.  After that, some songs are,
>> aren't.  But I do agree that he's still writing *some* spiritual
songs, certainly
>> more than his pre-Tommy days.
>My thoughts exactly.  Nice summation.

Jim's kicking ass all *over* the place!

>But where does QUAD fit in?

It doesn't.

>Have we come to a conclusion?  Is QUAD spiritual or psychological?

Psychological and Sociological (well, for the UK, but amazingly for many
more societies.)  

>Or both?

I've never felt there was *any* spiritual message in Quad.
It's about Life.
Growing up.
Mental frustration.
Not God, or religion, or any of that crap (no disrespect intended).

>I'm not arguing that Pete doesn't imbibe many his songs with an
>of spirituality in the Godly sense; I think it's obvious that he does.

And, I appreciate it when he does.  It makes me think.  It helps me
But, I thank God (??) that he doesn't saturate most of his songs with

>From: "Jim M" <petenotped at>
>Subject: Re: All Sorts of Things....
>(Kevin, please avert your eyes) I don't own the box set,

I CAN'T SEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me you have the 30th anniversary vid.???

>So, has everyone already seen
>this on the big screen?  If not, do you intend to go on the 9th?

I haven't.  But, I don't think it's up here in Vt.
And, I'm not sure I want to watch it the way it will be presented...out
of order.
When you see it, the real ending to the show is when Pete brings MG jam
(was that it?) to an end and then picks up a guitar peddle or some sort,
and smashes it.
Tommy was not the end, it was the middle.

>I think Drowned is one of Pete's most spiritual songs, but other than

Oooo, good point.
Or, is this another metamorphosis?

>From: AlxandriaWho at
>Subject: Re:Daltry Sings Townshend/Who Energy
>And wierdly, right after I posted on Pete's spirtiuality - a large
burst of  
>lightening struck -- I lost all electric power briefly (though
thankfully, not 
>my life or even my computer or, amazingly, my post!)

See, careful what you write.
You pissed John and Keith off.

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at>
>Subject: Re: All Sorts of Things....
>> I think Drowned is one of Pete's most spiritual songs,
>Even within the context of QUAD?  I just don't see Jimmy as a spiritual
>seeker.  He's more interested in earthly pleasures, I feel.

On same page....

>Yeah, QUAD can't really be summed up in *one* word.

Yes you can....


Kevin in VT

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