Beers or core matter?

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Wed Jul 21 09:14:36 CDT 2004

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>> Maybe it's the core matter of the
> universe.
> I don't know about that, though. I mean, who'd want to
> become core matter? It's not something you'd get
> excited about and work hard to do, is it? I can't see
> bragging to your friends: "TOMORROW I'm going to be
> core matter, and you guys will still be here sipping
> beers."


That certainly would bring the night to a awkward silence wouldn't it.

I wrote that in the tone of throwing out random interpretations without
examining my word choice to carefully.

However, since you've challenged me, I will rebut. One caveat, I'm not a
scientist, so be easy with some of my assumptions here.

Here's the thought. All matter that we perceive is only an interpretation of
reality. You see a green leaf, white cloud or another human. But down at the
very core of these things are atoms consisting of charged particles that
vibrate around each other in an infinite number of combinations. Everything
can be broken down to these essential parts can it not?

Now, if all those bits of matter are manifesting themselves through various
rates of vibration, what is the common element?  What is the glue that holds
all this together in so many perceived colors, textures, sounds and forms?

Is it one large living symphony of being? Could "core matter" as I so
carelessly referred to it, ultimately be vibration? Could this vibration be
the stuff of life that exists outside of our scientific understanding? Could
it be the genesis of our thoughts, dreams and aspirations that oddly arise
out of our random collections of atomic matter?

As you see, I have no answers, only questions. Well one answer - maybe.
Maybe there a universal "chord" that unlocks the tension and returns all
that feel it to the universal consciousness. It's just a theory, but one
that supercedes all other more humanly defined interpretations without
contradicting them. Pick a religion, any real religion. Is there anything in
this theory that doesn't accommodate any number of interpretations on how we
should act on this earth. On how we're supposed to act towards one another.
And each one attempts to name and comprehend this universal consciousness.
Some call it God. Some adhere to the laws of science. Regardless of what one
thinks, we're incredibly consistent from a matter standpoint. Isn't the
ultimate reality supposed to be beyond our feeble comprehension anyway?

So back to the question. If you could put down your beer and return your
being to the universal consciousness, would you do it? No is a perfectly
acceptable answer. In time it will happen anyway.

And, uh, so.... that is my fascination with the One Note idea. I need a

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