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Wed Jul 21 08:12:21 CDT 2004

> The very early
> songs are mostly not
> spiritual at all.


Don't forget Rael!

> Why?  Are you reading it as "give up my moral life
> for an immoral one?"

Generally "good" is considered moral and "bad" no so.
Even if the morality isn't defined the same way by two
different people (and usually it's not).

> The mind wanders...Hooker skirt and stilettos?  I
> think you meant TJ Hooker.

Right, that was it. Never watched it.

> "I know there's a place you walk
> where love falls from the trees

Doesn't sound spiritual to me. Sounds like he's
looking for a safe, comfortable place.

> My heart is like a broken cup
> I only feel right on my knees


> I spill out like a sewer hole, yet still receive
> your kiss

He doesn't feel worthy.

> How can I measure up to anyone now, after such a
> love as this"

"We're not worthy. We're not worthy!"

> I'd say that part's about god.

Pete says so too, but I'd always heard the song was
about a drunken night when he tore up a million dollar

> It is a great performance but not on the level as
> Leeds.  Mark said Pete
> "was on" but I think Pete plays a little sloppy
> (sloppily?).  Moon, too.

Pete was sloppy, but powerful and more so than Leeds.
Given his skill level, to be so powerful would then
mean he's not as precise.
Moon is very sloppy. TOO sloppy. He doesn't approach
the Leeds level.

> I think the ones who were "on" were Daltrey &
> Entwistle (Entwistle is almost never "off").

What I hear is Daltrey at the peak of his power, and
John more restrained than usual.

> What?!  Spandau Ballet was gay?!

George Michael, too. But the gayest song of the 80's
was Too Shy by Kajagoogoo. Even the name of the band 
sounds gay.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

> Have we come to a conclusion?  Is QUAD spiritual or
> psychological?  Or
> both?  And if both, which dominates?

It's easy for's psychological.

> Women, drugs, and even being 
> a Mod failed him.  So what should he do?

Reject them all and move on. Grow up. Face reality.

> Athena's that Greek war goddess, right? 


Oh, now that IS a stretch. Don't pull any muscles.

> Besides this, I gather "Athena" is very much about a
> girl named Theresa.

That makes it less about war, doesn't it?

> Ha.  Because you say so, right?  ;)


> But cynicism doesn't preclude spirituality.

You can't be spiritual and cynical at the same time.
To be spiritual is to be optimistic.

> He needs who's help?  Could this be "How can you do
> it without God?"

Um...he's talking about masturbation, though. I know,
now you're going to cite the Priests who abuse
children as a connection.

> Actually I don't see anything especially spiritual
> about it.

Losing one is a requirement of most religions I know

> A while back Pete spent a whole diary page
> explaining how "Who Are You" 
> incorporated his throughts about God.

But we know that Pete will say anything. Every OTHER
time it's been about a drunken night.

> But I think a bunch of the new ones are.  I can
> identify the same types of 
> clues to spirituality in the later songs as in the
> earlier ones.

Yeah, but you're evoking Greek Gods and stuff. Hey,
the word "and" is in the Bible, so the song must be

> Why would she want you?  If she did, your standards
> are waaaay too low.


You tell her!
> Well, according to Pete, WAY was asking who was
> behind the "mystery and weird 
> shit" going on in his life at the time, "A prayer,
> really." 

It was mysterious and weird because it was a bunch of
bad stuff all at the same time. I've been there
myself. I had a girlfriend I was completely enraptured
by move away at the same time I was in an accident
totalling my all-time favorite car and had been
working 7 days a week for 5 months at the time...I was
exhausted...and it seemed like suddenly everything was
spinning wildly out of control. Like I was doing acid.
I think that's the sort of mindset Pete was in. I can
relate, sort of.

> However, I believe it is 
> "...gave me *your* sweet, sweet, sweet love" and I
> still believe that means the love 
> of his plural supporters and not an individual. 

Right! Changes the whole meaning of the verse.

> Sorry, I just doubt the sincerity of this debate, on
> both sides.


Don't. There was a time when Who music was special and
cherished, and it was important to delve into the
meanings. Just because it's been cheapened by later
events, that doesn't mean we can't recall what it
meant to us originally.

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handle the job is underestimating."
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Cheers         ML

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