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Wed Jul 21 08:01:17 CDT 2004

Yeah, Keets, somehow it is a battle between light vs. darkness.
When you (a general person) try to track a spiritual path, you begin an 
individual battle against dark (or Ego), that can encompass friends and 
relatives not receptive to your new behavior and ideas.
Love on the air, written by Pete (lyrics) and sung by David Gilmour on 
"About Face", sum up that.
By the way, this album is a subtle dialog between Pete and David about 
spiritual, political, social trends, humanity future, that kind of stuff we 
are debating here.
The album's title and the photo's cover show that David will talk about that 
guy highly hated in rock scene for his weird attitudes and inconvenient 
ideas, i.e., Pete himself (the Face or the mod one).


P.S.: Love on the air

Love on the air
I keep transmitting but reception is hazy
I don't get an answer
Keep sending it faster
Always knew it was crazy
To put my love on the air.

No one will hurt me again
No one will cause me to lie
No one will control me by pain
No one will cause me to cry
I was looking for love
In wandering eyes
Like a ship trying to fix on a beacon
I learned how to sigh
On the ribbon and wires
It's a habit that's so hard to weaken

No one will ever manipulate
Make me promise to do or die
No one can make me hesitate
What can I lose if they try
I was looking for love
Like the very first time
Didn't realise love never left me
Contradicted - conspired
I connived and designed
Nothing on earth could arrest me.

Reception is hazy
When you put your love on the air
Always knew it was crazy
To put my love on the air
But I only communicate
When I put my love on the air
You don't have to consummate
Love on the air

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>Another description of the battle between light vs. darkness?  And the 
>Bargain is about finding balance?
>>And if, instead of God, we put the "Superior Self" as who is on the quest. 
>>The "superior self" is always within us, being the entity that connects 
>>the Inner Child and the Ego. <snip> But in a higher perspective, the Ego 
>>and Inner Child can be only different aspects of the "superior self", two 
>>aspects integrated and balanced in a being with self-love and empowerment. 
>>  But to be that way, we have to, before, find this "superior self", 
>>'cause he is well hidden from us in higher realms. That is a way to 
>>interpret Bargain, even those obscure parts of the lyrics, like “surrender 
>>my good life for bad” and “to find you I'm gonna drown an unsung man”.
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