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 The Who Rocks Boston On DVD 
 One of the Who's first concerts following the 2002
 death of bassist John Entwistle is heading to DVD Aug.
 17 via Rhino/Warner Vision. Taped July 26, 2002, at
 the Tweeter Center, "Live in Boston" features such
 classic rock evergreens as "Won't Get Fooled Again,"
 "Behind Blue Eyes," "Who Are You" and "Baba O'Riley,"
 plus oddities like "Relay," "Another Tricky Day" and
 "Eminence Front."
 The show concludes with run of cuts from the 1969 rock
 opera "Tommy": "Pinball Wizard," "Amazing
 Journey/Sparks," "See Me Feel Me" and "Listening to
 You." Interviews with the Who's Pete Townshend and
 Roger Daltrey are also featured, as is a gallery of
 Entwistle's drawings.

 Here is the "Live in Boston" track list: 
 "I Can't Explain"
 "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere"
 "Who Are You"
 "Another Tricky Day "
 "Baba O'Riley"
 "Sea and Sand"
 "Love Reign O'er Me"
 "Eminence Front"
 "Behind Blue Eyes"
 "You Better You Bet"
 "The Kids Are Alright"
 "My Generation"
 "Won't Get Fooled Again"
 "Pinball Wizard"
 "Amazing Journey"
 "See Me Feel Me"
 "Listening to You" >>

The correct date of the show that was FILMED for this DVD release, is the 
9/27/02 show.
The setlist posted above also matches the 9/27 show.Also, the July show The 
Who performed "I Can See for Miles",and as you can see..it's not listed in the 
setlist.So,to avoid getting anyone's hopes too high (for those who were at the 
July show), it is the second Mansfield show in 2002 in September that is 
being released.

Per one official site:
DVD: The Who Live in Boston
Early in May, this title first surfaced when Swedish online shop Discshop.de
listed it with a preliminary release date of July 07, 2004, through Warner
Music, and in PAL. This would be the Sept 27, 2002 Mansfield MA show, which 
specifically filmed for DVD. 


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