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Who's next CSI theme
By Bill Brioux

The big question about expanding the CSI franchise is
this: Will producers run out of Who songs before they
run out of cities? Rock legends The Who provide the
signature licks for CSI (Who Are You?) and CSI: Miami
(Won't Get Fooled Again). 

Producer Anthony Zuiker told critics in L.A. that
choosing a third for CSI: New York was trickier. 

"We had four songs in contention," he said. Zuiker's
choice was Behind Blue Eyes. Viacom/CBS top executive
Les Moonves, a Who fan himself, chose Baba O'Reilly.
"And I said, 'Yes sir,' " said Zuiker. "I'll be
darned, that man is always right." 

While the lyrics to Baba O'Reilly don't seem to fit
forensic crime as well as the other two songs, Zuiker
feels there is some common ground. "We'll chose the
appropriate lyrics," he said. Hey, it has to work
better than Squeeze Box."

-Brian in Atlanta
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