Moore's response to Pete

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Jul 21 00:21:50 CDT 2004

>Just a late addition to this discussion....after watching CSI (original,
then Miami), and seeing an ad for the new one, CSI New York.

>All have Who tunes cut and pasted.

>Which led me to the commercials (Nissan, Hummer, etc.)

>So, what is Pete standing up for here? The meaning of his music (which does
seem to change, and is in the ear of the beholder anyway)? A political
stand? Ethics?

>Or was it money? Or personality?

>Sorry, I just doubt the sincerity of this debate, on both sides.

>From Pete and Moore both, do you mean?

I think maybe Keith Oberman's report was right about it.  Pete isn't 
standing up for anything.  Moore didn't offer enough money, and Pete doesn't 
much like his movies anyway.


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