Moore's response to Pete

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Jul 21 00:16:26 CDT 2004

>does seem strange that pete would give a song to promote some car and
possibly put some money in the pockets of some corperate criminals than like 
give a
song to something that serves a more meaningful purpose. and i'm not just
talking about "fahrenheit".

Do you have some other examples?

I suspect the problem with F9/11 was the fact that it's such a political hot 
potato.  Certainly Pete would want to know what the film was about before 
giving them a discount on the price that would allow use of the song--it 
seems he only does this for projects he things are especially worthy.

As you can see from the press articles, everybody is choosing up sides, and 
the fallout is pretty nasty.  It's a good fight to keep out of.


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