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L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Jul 21 00:08:29 CDT 2004

>Well, I'm back from my self-imposed exile.  I felt really bad about my last
"discussion" with Jon, so I decided to take a break from you lot. (And give
you lot a well-deserved break from me!)

Hey, welcome back Schrade.  :)  We missed you.

>But, I do want to publicly apologize to him, & the entire list, for my 
the-top tirade.  I am sorry.  I'm working on trying to control my militant
atheism (in light of all the goddamned militant *spiritualism* on this 

Yeah, right.  That's us.  Yer gonna do it our way, see?  ;)

>>Paradoxically, Howard Stern and Clear Channel (both high-profile
>supporters of the administration) have been heavily fined.

>Er....have you listened to Stern lately?  He's on a mission to help drive 
from office.  He's decidedly anti-Bush & blames Bush for much of his
troubles with the FCC.

Yeah.  He's pissed, and publicly stated that he's re-thought his support of 
Bush.  Regardless of what MC says about previous fines, I'm under the 
impression that the latest are a new high.   High enough that several Clear 
Channel radio stations have dropped him.

>>After all, Pete has said that ALL his songs are about God.

(breathing deeply)

>Please don't make me list all of Pete's songs that *aren't* about God.  
>Imagine how long that list would be!

All a matter of opinion.  I didn't make up the quote (I don't think I did, 
anyway.)  I've read it somewhere.

>Again, I feel we must be careful throwing this term "spiritual" around.  
I've stated, I have spiritual moments, but I don't believe in deities or 
thing concerned with the supernatural.

I think this is a perfectly supportable stand.  However, you always have to 
deal with the fact that other people do believe strongly in a diety, or not. 
  I'm not sure all Buddhists believe in a diety.  Whatever,  I'm prepared to 
try to understand their point of view.

>I'm not arguing that Pete doesn't imbibe many his songs with an 
>undercurrent of spirituality in the Godly sense; I think it's obvious that 
>he does.

As David said, Pete's ideas of spirituality may be very cock-eyed.  What is 
this "One Note" thing, after all?  ;)

>But to think of *all* his songs as having *some* spiritual/religious aspect
to them is a sort of tunnelvision which in the end reduces his writing
to an almost one-dimensional simplicity, thereby excluding many of the
*other* themes & ideas within his music.  And that's just not right.  ;-)

To be honest, I can think of several songs where I don't see any 
spirituality.  As I've said, I'm not sure where that quote about ALL Pete's 
songs being about God is from.  If Pete said it, I expect he was being flip, 
and likely in the next breath he said they were all about masturbation.

I'm just repeating it to give Mark a hard time.  My reading of the lyrics 
says Pete later songs are just as spiritual as his earlier ones.   Tsk, tsk. 
  How can you not see that, Mark?


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