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> Acknowleging God by name, there you have it.  However, I believe it is
> "...gave me *your* sweet, sweet, sweet love" and I still believe that
means the love
> of his plural supporters and not an individual.

I read that line as God gave him humility (grace) as opposed to favor (the
grace of god) and that humility allowed him to win the love of this unknown
woman more effectively than a handsome face, for that (humility) is where
true beauty lies.   I like your twist that the love he won is ours, but it
doesn't affect the spirituality of the song, right?

> "You make me feel..." I
> think is the most important phrase in the song.  It's very subtle but I
get an
> impression of he knows nothing has changed the fact that by society
standards he
> is not a "real good looking boy" but the love of his supporters builds him
> and makes him feel that way regardless.


> Accepting that offer seems
> triumphantly spiritual to me by these non-religious definitions found at

One of those wasn't that non-religious and all of the several other
definitions were totally religious.  Let's face it, the word is used with a
religious connotation 99% of the time.

Jim M

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