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>> It's too easy. It's about giving yourself to God, plain and simple. "I"d 
>> rather lose me to find you/I'd rather give up all I've got."

> Isn't that about finding a woman?

What would be the point of finding that ideal woman if you've lost yourself?  
Why would she want you?  If she did, your standards are waaaay too low.


>> like WGFA or "Who Are You."

> Two MORE songs not about God!

Well, according to Pete, WAY was asking who was behind the "mystery and weird 
shit" going on in his life at the time, "A prayer, really."  

WGFA, on the other hand, is about "the pathos of the individual who doesn't 
know how to use his vote".  :-)  


> Real Good Looking Boy:    Partly spiritual.  "God gave him a face, and he
> gave me something above.  God gave me grace, and he gave me a sweet, sweet,
> sweet love."  How can anyone say that's *not* spiritual?   

Acknowleging God by name, there you have it.  However, I believe it is 
"...gave me *your* sweet, sweet, sweet love" and I still believe that means the love 
of his plural supporters and not an individual.  "You make me feel..." I 
think is the most important phrase in the song.  It's very subtle but I get an 
impression of he knows nothing has changed the fact that by society standards he 
is not a "real good looking boy" but the love of his supporters builds him up 
and makes him feel that way regardless.  Accepting that offer seems 
triumphantly spiritual to me by these non-religious definitions found at 

2. Of or pertaining to the intellectual and higher endowments of the mind; 
mental; intellectual.

3. Of or pertaining to the moral feelings or states of the soul, as 
distinguished from the external actions; reaching and affecting the spirits.

>> Oh, yeah well a lot can be read into it. I just find
>> it odd that in a spiritual song, Pete suggests he'd
>> give up a "good life for a bad one."

>Why?  Are you reading it as "give up my moral life for an immoral one?"

See Book of Job, which I believe Pete spoke of at Jones Beach in 1993.  
Speaking of sacrificing an easy life for a harder one (of which Christians often 
speak), conversely, see "Deal me another hand, Lord, this one's very hard."


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