Sticks in the Air - An Answer At Last... (Digest, V11 #190)

Imonecmw at Imonecmw at
Tue Jul 20 22:00:21 CDT 2004

> So - the idea is to add a little "colour" along the way - much the same
> way
> that the "official" box-set features stage announcements etc.
One of my favorites is Pete at Beacon Theater in 1993 saying, "Look, this is 
not a f*cking request night, y'know?  I play what the f*ck I like, right?  You 
don't think I worked for 30 years to get to this place and then have you 
f*cks tell *me* what to play!" 


"There is a request spot in a minute, actually.  Yeah, I heard ya.  What you 
think I am, DEAF?"

Pete's introduction of Professor Keith Moon (who conducts Tommy with two 
batons) from Phoenix 1971 is classic as well.  

I can probably help you out if you don't have these.

If I ever get a round tuit, I think I'll make a banter CD, there's so much 
great stuff!


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