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> There were 
> some networks that complained about having to play a guessing game with the 
> FCC, as apparently no new guidelines have been defined.  Paradoxically, 
> Howard Stern and Clear Channel (both high-profile supporters of the 
> administration) have been heavily fined.  Viacom/CBS apparently means to 
> fight the FCC in court about Janet Jackson rather than pay.
> Notice this uncertainly about "obscenity" has also affected The Who, as 
> their record company issued the "official" lyrics to RGLB with a fairly 
> obvious substitution of words.

I have to agree with the arbitrary FCC behavior, but Stern was fined just as 
heavily during Clinton- more than once having to go to court over fines in 
excess of a million dollars for jokes such as the description of a guy playing 
piano with his "member."  It seems Mike Powell at the FCC (appointed by Clinton) 
is responding to increased complaints from busy-body activist groups, and I 
would LOVE to argue for Stern and company over lack of proper notice of what is 
and is not against the law.  

All the other conjecture about the government holding Clear Channel hostage 
unless they stop playing the Dixie Chicks is just that- conjecture.  And the 
fact that Clear Channel didn't get what they wanted should speak volumes.  
However, my comment on Elton was that the baclashes he referred to over artists 
speaking out against the war has been from non-government sources.  I actually 
have no problem with the Dixie Chicks speaking their minds as long as they don't 
do it on foreign soil.  It's like athletes bad-mouthing teammates outside the 
lockerroom.  It's just a crappy thing to do.


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