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> I notice you didn't say anything about the dixie chicks / toby keith 
> thing elton pointed out. and just recently, Linda ronstadt was booed off the 
> stage at the aladdin in vegas, and banned from the venue practically 
> forever, 
> all because she started praising michael moore and "fahrenheit". however, if 
> she 
> said "I support the troops" and bush is doing a good job, and "we're all 
> american" or something like that, she'd probably be applauded and cheered 
> ay? 

I did mention it.  The Ronstadt, Dixie Chicks situations have nothing to do 
with the GOVERNMENT and free speech.  The government hasn't hindered these 
artists at all from speaking out politically.  Like I said, Pete Townshend is 
allowed to work freely in the U.S. despite being on the sex offenders list in the 
UK (unfair though it is) and calling the Presdient a "c*&t" in 2000.  Elton 
just doesn't understand the law and the constitution so he displayed his 
ignorance.  Wasn't it the audience's free speech to boo Ronstadt and people's free 
expression to condemn the Dixie Chicks?


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