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Tue Jul 20 20:43:02 CDT 2004

>>I think Drowned is one of Pete's most spiritual songs,

>Even within the context of QUAD?  I just don't see Jimmy as a spiritual
seeker.  He's more interested in earthly pleasures, I feel.

But all those things didn't work out for him.  Women, drugs, and even being 
a Mod failed him.  So what should he do?  Like all Pete's pieces, QUAD is 
open to interpretation, but some might feel Jimmy should have a look at 
spiritual matters to straighten his life out.  Of course, some might not.  
Get a job kid, and quit thinking all that rot.   ;)

>>Well, can you suggest an alternate term we can use that means "spiritual
>in the godly sense?"

>I think we'd be better off coming up with a term that means *not* spiritual
in the godly sense - because the word spiritual is too well-linked to gods,
deities, higher powers, & the like.  Much to my obvious chagrin.

But I don't think spiritual is necessarily connected to God or gods, or 
whatever.   Maybe part of our problem in this discussion is the lack or 
proper vocabulary to deal with it--plus the fact that each person interprets 
the word based on their own background and beliefs.

I personally separate spirituality from religion, and I think that when we 
talk about Pete's songs, we should be trying to get at what he's saying 
about it--not talking so much what we believe ourselves.  Of course, reading 
or listening to someone's seeking for spirituality tends to cause 
self-inquiry--I don't know if we can avoid that.  I do think it's helpful if 
we avoid assumptions, though.


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