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Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Jul 20 20:07:16 CDT 2004

> Hey, Scott's back!  Everybody stop talking about God!

Yeah!.............Keets!   ;-)

> It's unclear to me whether the clip was actually played at the concert 
> ('82 Shea Stadium, I think) or dubbed over the track for the CD.

Must've been tacked on to the beginning of "Twist & Shout" by the person
who put it up for download.  A bit odd.  Stage dialogue from '71 married
to an '82 performance.

> It's OK, I never wear pants at the movies.  

One gets a better feel for the seat fabric that way.

> So, has everyone already seen this on the big screen? 

I have not seen it on "the big screen."

> If not, do you intend to go on the 9th?

Just my luck, I have tickets to the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Game
in Canton, OH that night.  Plus, Sonic Youth is playing in Cleveland that
night, too!  Drat!  Me, I'll be watching the Broncos & the Redskins (Kevin 
& Stu, take note) - and mostly their 2nd- & 3rd-string players, at that.

> I think Drowned is one of Pete's most spiritual songs,

Even within the context of QUAD?  I just don't see Jimmy as a spiritual
seeker.  He's more interested in earthly pleasures, I feel.

> I don't know if psychological is the right word either, but I can't think 
> of a better one.

Yeah, QUAD can't really be summed up in *one* word.  It's part psy-
chological, part realism, part autobiographical, part documentary, part
historical, etc., etc.

> Well, can you suggest an alternate term we can use that means "spiritual 
> in the godly sense?"  

I think we'd be better off coming up with a term that means *not* spiritual
in the godly sense - because the word spiritual is too well-linked to gods,
deities, higher powers, & the like.  Much to my obvious chagrin.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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