Daltry Sings Townshend/Who Energy

AlxandriaWho at aol.com AlxandriaWho at aol.com
Tue Jul 20 19:25:57 CDT 2004

In praise of the Who, At a concert the other night by Fountains of Wayne, who 
I quite like,  I did realize how the Who have spoiled me, at their age the 
Who still jumped around such a lot at the last concert i saw, and gave so much 
more of a total experience. 

On the other hand, Daltry sings Townshend was on cable the other night and I 
felt guilty but I had to turn it off. The Chieftans stuff, was, I dont know, 
some kind of sacrilege, I felt.  Nice to "see" Roger but just wrong to listen 
to, sadly, for me.

And wierdly, right after I posted on Pete's spirtiuality - a large burst of  
lightening struck -- I lost all electric power briefly (though thankfully, not 
my life or even my computer or, amazingly, my post!)

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