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Tue Jul 20 19:13:20 CDT 2004

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Hey, Scott's back!  Everybody stop talking about God!

> Simon & Jim:
> Wait, that Mantovani (sp?) quote is from the Dayton '71 boot.  It comes
> after WGFA & before IDEKM.  Pete says (after WGFA):
> "Pretty good, eh?  We like that one.  Play some rock & roll?!  Whaddya
> think that was?  Mantovani?  Get out of 'ere.  Unless you want to come &
> ......take my place."

OK, so that must be where it originally came from.  I heard it leading into
a version of Twist and Shout I downloaded.  I assume it's the version that's
on the box set but (Kevin, please avert your eyes) I don't own the box set,
so I don't really know for sure.  It's unclear to me whether the clip was
actually played at the concert ('82 Shea Stadium, I think) or dubbed over
the track for the CD.

> But, man, Jim, wait till you see that YMB performance.  Wear some old
> trousers!

It's OK, I never wear pants at the movies.  So, has everyone already seen
this on the big screen?  If not, do you intend to go on the 9th?

> Have we come to a conclusion?  Is QUAD spiritual or psychological?  Or
> both?  And if both, which dominates?

I think Drowned is one of Pete's most spiritual songs, but other than that,
it's not.  I don't know if psychological is the right word either, but I
can't think of a better one.

> Again, I feel we must be careful throwing this term "spiritual" around.
> I've stated, I have spiritual moments, but I don't believe in deities or
> thing concerned with the supernatural.

Well, can you suggest an alternate term we can use that means "spiritual in
the godly sense?"  'Cause I don't really feel like typing that over and

Jim M

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