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Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Jul 20 17:42:32 CDT 2004

I've been away so long.....

Well, I'm back from my self-imposed exile.  I felt really bad about my last
"discussion" with Jon, so I decided to take a break from you lot. (And give
you lot a well-deserved break from me!)

I've spoken privately with Jon.  Thankfully, he's not mad at me.  No matter
what some would like to believe (cough!Jo!) I did not drive him from the
list.  He's doing well & doing his own thing.  I will speak for him no further.

But, I do want to publicly apologize to him, & the entire list, for my over-
the-top tirade.  I am sorry.  I'm working on trying to control my militant
atheism (in light of all the goddamned militant *spiritualism* on this list!)  


Now.....all that being said.....

> > Pete saying "Play some rock'n'roll?
> > What do you think THAT was then? Bleedin' Mantovani??" (which I 
> > found the other week, and now I've lost again - I *think* it's on "Who's 
> > Last" somewhere).
> It introduces Twist and Shout from that tour, but it's not on that album.
> Is it from the box set?  

Simon & Jim:

Wait, that Mantovani (sp?) quote is from the Dayton '71 boot.  It comes
after WGFA & before IDEKM.  Pete says (after WGFA):

"Pretty good, eh?  We like that one.  Play some rock & roll?!  Whaddya
think that was?  Mantovani?  Get out of 'ere.  Unless you want to come &
......take my place."

> Paradoxically, Howard Stern and Clear Channel (both high-profile 
> supporters of the administration) have been heavily fined.  


Er....have you listened to Stern lately?  He's on a mission to help drive Bush
from office.  He's decidedly anti-Bush & blames Bush for much of his
troubles with the FCC.

Re:  IOW 1970

It is a great performance but not on the level as Leeds.  Mark said Pete
"was on" but I think Pete plays a little sloppy (sloppily?).  Moon, too.
I think the ones who were "on" were Daltrey & Entwistle (Entwistle is
almost never "off").

Now, I don't mean to say Pete & Moonie play like shite; they certainly do
not.  And part of it is the recording.  Leeds is such a kick-ass recording.
IOW sounds a lot thinner.  Pete's guitar sounds weaker & Moonie's snare 
is a bit......crackly.

But, man, Jim, wait till you see that YMB performance.  Wear some old

> No, I said Pete was among the "new romantics" in the `80's,..... 
> It was a fashion, with heavy gay overtones.


What?!  Spandau Ballet was gay?!

> After all, Pete has said that ALL his songs are about God.

(breathing deeply)


Please don't make me list all of Pete's songs that *aren't* about God.  
Imagine how long that list would be!

> The very early songs are mostly not spiritual at all.  Then much of Tommy 
> and all of Lifehouse are very spiritual.  After that, some songs are, some 
> aren't.  But I do agree that he's still writing *some* spiritual songs, certainly
> more than his pre-Tommy days.


My thoughts exactly.  Nice summation.  But where does QUAD fit in?
Have we come to a conclusion?  Is QUAD spiritual or psychological?  Or
both?  And if both, which dominates?

Again, I feel we must be careful throwing this term "spiritual" around.  Like
I've stated, I have spiritual moments, but I don't believe in deities or any-
thing concerned with the supernatural.

The word spiritual has a lot of religious/supernatural baggage attached to
it.  One can "pull" spirituality from almost anything; Pete's songs especially.

I'm not arguing that Pete doesn't imbibe many his songs with an undercurrent
of spirituality in the Godly sense; I think it's obvious that he does.

But to think of *all* his songs as having *some* spiritual/religious aspect 
to them is a sort of tunnelvision which in the end reduces his writing
to an almost one-dimensional simplicity, thereby excluding many of the 
*other* themes & ideas within his music.  And that's just not right.  ;-)

- SCHRADE in Akron

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