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> What I'm saying now is that there's generally very little in the earlier
> songs (e.g. "Bargain") to indicate that they are of a spiritual nature.
> It's true that quote about being "naked, stoned and stabbed" might alude
> Christ, but that's a very small hint, and it could be taken as just a
> thought with no particular meaning.  If you can say the allusion to angels
> in RGLB and the direct mention of God DON'T make this a spiritual song,
> how does "naked, stoned and stabbed" make "Bargain" into one?

OK, just to clear up where we stand, here's what I think:

Bargain:  100% spiritual.  Every line in it talks about how the singer will
find god or something very like god.  David said it well.  This is not about
Christ, but it uses Christian language to express an Eastern spiritual idea.
"I'm looking for that free ride to me, I'm looking for you."  That is *not*
about a girl.  It's echoed later in I Want That Thing, which is mostly
materialistic, but has this chorus ("free ride to the house of life") that
recalls this line from Bargain as well Lifehouse in general.

Eminence Front:    100% non-spiritual.  I'll agree that it has depth and
layers of meaning, but I can't find any that are spiritual.  "Front",
"kill"?  you'll have to do better than that.

Real Good Looking Boy:    Partly spiritual.  "God gave him a face, and he
gave me something above.  God gave me grace, and he gave me a sweet, sweet,
sweet love."  How can anyone say that's *not* spiritual?  Please!  But,
"lucky fucks and angels"?  Kevin's right.  The angels are girls.  But, what
is this "theatre in the sky?"  "Quite what that means, I don't know."

But, your question was something like, are Pete's older or newer songs more
spiritual?  Well, I'd say both.  The very early songs are mostly not
spiritual at all.  Then much of Tommy and all of Lifehouse are very
spiritual.  After that, some songs are, some aren't.  But I do agree that
he's still writing *some* spiritual songs, certainly more than his pre-Tommy

Jim M

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