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Tue Jul 20 15:19:23 CDT 2004

> But why would he use those words "front" and "kill"?
> Especially on an album 
> that's about war, and one where they say the band
> got together and decided 
> to do an anti-war album?  Why should Pete put a song
> about partying on an 
> anti-war album?


I can't say. He wrote what he wrote. I don't think
every song has to be about anti-war. Athena, for
instance, isn't.

> You said it was romantic, I thought.

No, I said Pete was among the "new romantics" in the
`80's, and this is an `80's album.

> That was the
> opposite of punk, right?  
> Was it just a fashion statement?

It was a fashion, with heavy gay overtones.

> Isn't that about finding a woman?

It could be...but it's not in this case.
> Where in the song does it say it's about giving
> yourself to God?  How do you 
> know this?  Because Pete said so?

It's the period where most of Pete's "love" songs are
really about Baba or God. And, once you listen, you
see it.

> What if it's about
> giving yourself to a 
> woman instead?  Is it still spiritual and uplifing?

Not spiritual, but...shall I make an obscene joke

> Think "comfortable/austere" not "moral/immoral" for
> "good/bad", as in "living the good life."


Oh, yeah well a lot can be read into it. I just find
it odd that in a spiritual song, Pete suggests he'd
give up a "good life for a bad one."

> What do you use to rip audio off of DVDs?

I wish I could help you there. I did it through analog
means, in through the sound card (sounds like a Zep
album title).

> When's the last time someone stood "naked, stoned
> and stabbed" to get a woman?

Hey, I've felt like that. In fact, I've been naked and
stoned for a lot less...

> Buy Depends.  ;-)


Oh, so they're working for you? That's good news!

> But, when I wrote "hot", I meant the perfect girl.

Hot can mean temperament, too. Personality.
The perfect girl? Heather Locklear in,
Hooker something...PI?

> No, with stating "souls" you've gone too far.

I've been told that before. By Scott, WHEREVER HE IS!

> Angel is always used to describe the perfect girl.


> No, no connection between the government and the
> people.

Not anymore, that's for sure! Well...depends on which
people you're talking about.

> Yeah, Elton, call Mc.  He's got it all figured out.

BWAH HA HA HA HA! 1000 points to you!

> I know this sounds really corny

Pass the butter and salt.

> I think a proper perspective on Bargain is to put it
in context of the
project of which it was part - Lifehouse.


A damned good point!

> The extension is that maybe this is God.

Becoming one with...

> Maybe it's the core matter of the

I don't know about that, though. I mean, who'd want to
become core matter? It's not something you'd get
excited about and work hard to do, is it? I can't see
bragging to your friends: "TOMORROW I'm going to be
core matter, and you guys will still be here sipping

> One who was more
scholarly in Christianity pointed this out to me, so I
can't cite passages directly. 

I think he's got to be talking about Christ on the
cross. He was stabbed, stoned, and probably naked too.

> What I'm saying is that EF is deeper than Mark


Well, we can rule that out right here and now!

> passing, the social scene, and hiding things (as
Mark says) behind a false front.

*I* don't say. Pete does. Eminence Front, it's right
there in the title.

> later songs.  My point of view is that Pete has
become increasingly cynical 
in the years when he was disenchanted with The Who, 

That would support my contention. But, he was a heroin
addict...he was clearly disenchanted with life.

> After all, Pete has said that ALL his songs are
about God.  That includes "Eminence Front" and RGLB as
well as "Bargain."

Well, Do The Strip sure as Hell isn't about God! For
one. Neither is How Can You Do It Alone, unless we're
talking about a radically different God than I've ever
heard of!

> and it could be taken as just a random 
thought with no particular meaning.

What about: "I'd rather lose me to find you?" If THAT
ain't a compass needle pointing to spirituality, I
don't know what is!

> off like WGFA or "Who Are You."

Two MORE songs not about God!

> window in these later songs?  I haven't read
anything here yet that tells me 
Mark is justified in saying this.

I never said ALL his early songs were spiritual! Only
that none of the new ones are.

> And if, instead of God, we put the "Superior Self"
as who is on the quest.


It would be a mistake to assume that Pete was talking
about the Christian God, especially when he's talking
about the One Note (Universal Chord)! I think it's
man's job in life to raise himself spiritually and
socailly to a higher level. Siddhartha said that.
Which is why it upsets me to see a certain element of
American society trying to take us backwards and make
us less civilized ("With us or against us") and more

> like “surrender my good life for bad” and “to find
you I'm gonna drown an unsung man”.

It's another way of saying: I'll make the ultimate

"We need an energy bill that encourages consumption."
   George "so Dick can make more money" Bush

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