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Tue Jul 20 13:20:55 CDT 2004

And if, instead of God, we put the "Superior Self" as who is on the quest.
The "superior self" is always within us, being the entity that connects the 
Inner Child and the Ego. The Inner Child is that part of us that is 
ultimately alive, free, energetic, creative and fulfilled, like a little 
child around 2 or 3 years old. The Ego is the part of us that is 
self-centered, irrational and fearful, the personal identity we use as a 
mask.  The Inner Child lives for itself, fully believing that everyone 
accepts it for who and what it is but. The Ego, on the other hand, spends 
its time trying to be what it believes others want it to be in order to be 
loved and accepted. As we grow, the Ego becomes the dark side of the Inner 
Child, avoiding any opportunity that can trigger the pain that makes us feel 
blamed, rejected and abandoned. But in a higher perspective, the Ego and 
Inner Child can be only different aspects of the "superior self", two 
aspects integrated and balanced in a being with self-love and empowerment. 
But to be that way, we have to, before, find this "superior self", 'cause he 
is well hidden from us in higher realms.
That is a way to interpret Bargain, even those obscure parts of the lyrics, 
like “surrender my good life for bad” and “to find you I'm gonna drown an 
unsung man”.


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>?Anyway, I interpret the "you" in Bargain as the "One Note". It is sung by 
>character (Bobby? Ray?) who is on this quest. The language of the lines
>"losing me to find you", "one and one make one", "naked, stoned and 
>are direct lifts of Christian thought from the Bible. One who was more
>scholarly in Christianity pointed this out to me, so I can't cite passages
>But aren't you stretching a bit to say this is a reference to Christ?
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