Getting old, Surprise on Sir Elton, and let the Sleeping Dogs Lie.

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Tue Jul 20 10:06:00 CDT 2004

>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked at>
>Subject: Re: The Who's reputation
>And...I'm already in the South. Damn! Now what do I

Buy Depends.  ;-)

>weather like this that make you realize men have
>nipples too!"

Why do you think there are so many male glass workers up here?
Nipples get hard enough to cut glass.

>> It's a way of saying a chick is really hot.
>I don't read it that way. That would be "Babe."

Well, of course you're right.
My point was about the use of "Angel" not equating spirituality.
But, when I wrote "hot", I meant the perfect girl.
That, of course, is much more than just physical beauty.
Good temperament and teeth are important.  ;-)

>No, I
>think it's the fantasy of pure and beautiful women,
>with souls and personalities to match.

No, with stating "souls" you've gone too far.
Angel is always used to describe the perfect girl.
The girl to be help high above others.
<Aerosmith...just to piss you off ;-)>
"She's my A-a-a-a-Angel...bla, bla, bla-bla-bla, blaaaaaaaaa."
Nothing spiritual.
Just a girl above the cut.

>an ideal.

We're on the same page.

>From: Sroundtable at
>Subject: Re: Sir Elton ignorant
>Maybe Elton should stick to


You know, you're soooo predictable.
Not that I liked what Sir Elton has been saying lately...
But....Move on and get over it!

>Someone should tell Elton that the rights of the constitution apply
>the government, not the public.


>The government did nothing to the Dixie 
>Chicks, the public did.

No, no connection between the government and the people.

I really enjoy the few Who posts you make so much more than your
constant political opinions.

>This country has become

"And now, the rest of the MC."

>the public is more likely to...

Snip Mc's opinions on politics.

>but at least show a basic understanding of the 
>U.S. Constitution before spouting off about it, Elton.

Yeah, Elton, call Mc.  He's got it all figured out.

>If someone can give a real example of an artist being 
>censored by the government in regard to political speech, then let's

Ummmm, you're talking to yourself!
>Otherwise, take it up with the public.

How about just not replying to something as politically driven as that,
given recent events here on list???
CAN YA????
Or is this yet another attack on poor non-instigating, sticking only to
The Who, ***MC***????

>From: JOELTLE515 at
>Subject: Re: Sir Elton ignorant
>i'd suggest you keep these opinions to yourselves before this turns
>another non-stop political thread.

Thank you!

>if she 
>said "I support the troops"

We've had a boom on "Support the troops" stickers here in VT.
Question that doesn't need to be answered...
Who the hell are they talking to?

I find it humorous that Republicans (or whomever they are that carry
these stickers.  Right.) want to splinter our society by implying
Democrats (or anyone) don't support our troops.

I encourage every Democrat out there to get some of these removable
stickers and place them on your car, right next to a "Kerry/Edwards
2004" sticker.

Now, let's move on!
>From: AlxandriaWho at
>Subject: Re: Pete's spiritual lyrics
>I know its older, but "Sleeping Dog" I think is pretty amazing.

I know this sounds really corny, but the songs "Sleeping Dog" and
"Lantern" (is that it?) were the two songs that gave me the strength to
pull the trigger and drop my careerism-life in Washington, and move to
rural VT.
I absolutely *love* "Sleeping Dog."
The imagery in that song is second to none.
I could close my eyes and see the fire burning, and old yeller snoozing
away at Pete's feet.
I was sold.
I traveled South (ok, North) cross land.
I didn't look over my shoulder.

'Cause I *am*....

Ok, I won't say it.  ;-)

Kevin in VT

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