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Tue Jul 20 09:08:58 CDT 2004

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> >>So you don't think that "dressed to kill" has any significance when
> >>to "Come on, join the party"?  Like maybe, this isn't a real fun party
> >>go to?
> >I don't get that out of it. Just "get dressed up and come party with us."
> But why would he use those words "front" and "kill"?  Especially on an
> that's about war, and one where they say the band got together and decided
> to do an anti-war album?  Why should Pete put a song about partying on an
> anti-war album?

I'm starting to get confused.  Are you saying it's spiritual or it's
anti-war or just deeper than Mark suggests.  I'd like to chime in to
disagree, but I can't seem to find your position!

> Where in [Bargain] does it say it's about giving yourself to God?  How do
> know this?  Because Pete said so?

When's the last time someone stood "naked, stoned and stabbed" to get a
woman?  Read it again.  It's all about sacrificing and suffering to find
God.  As soon as that was pointed out to me, I appreciated the song a whole
lot more.

Jim M

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