The Who 's reputation & burning boxed sets

Jim M petenotped at
Tue Jul 20 08:58:14 CDT 2004

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> > I'm fine with Bargain.
> It's too easy. It's about giving yourself to God,
> plain and simple. "I"d rather lose me to find you/I'd
> rather give up all I've got."
> Of course, I've always had a slight problem with "I'd
> give up my good life for bad." Obviously not something
> God might want. BUT I think it's more of a concept
> than an offer.

Think "comfortable/austere" not "moral/immoral" for "good/bad", as in
"living the good life."

> 25 tracks in all. Disc Two has 3 from Tanglewood (from
> the 30 Years DVD) and the entire Tommy LAL...I need to
> change that since it's been officially released, I'm
> going to replace it with Amsterdam.

What do you use to rip audio off of DVDs?

Jim M

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