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L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Jul 20 08:44:54 CDT 2004

>>So you don't think that "dressed to kill" has any significance when added 
>>to "Come on, join the party"?  Like maybe, this isn't a real fun party to 
>>go to?

>I don't get that out of it. Just "get dressed up and come party with us."

But why would he use those words "front" and "kill"?  Especially on an album 
that's about war, and one where they say the band got together and decided 
to do an anti-war album?  Why should Pete put a song about partying on an 
anti-war album?

>>So EF is upbeat and romantic but not spiritual?

>Not "romantic." You DO know what the new romantics were, don't you? Hint: 
>it wasn't romance.

You said it was romantic, I thought.  That was the opposite of punk, right?  
Was it just a fashion statement?

>>I'm fine with Bargain.

>It's too easy. It's about giving yourself to God, plain and simple. "I"d 
>rather lose me to find you/I'd
rather give up all I've got."

Isn't that about finding a woman?

Where in the song does it say it's about giving yourself to God?  How do you 
know this?  Because Pete said so?

>Of course, I've always had a slight problem with "I'd give up my good life 
>for bad." Obviously not something God might want. BUT I think it's more of 
>a concept than an offer.

>>Why do you think it's especially spiritual and/or uplifting?

>Because it's about giving yourself the Big G?

Again, where does it say that?  What if it's about giving yourself to a 
woman instead?  Is it still spiritual and uplifing?


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