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Tue Jul 20 07:50:44 CDT 2004

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> Well, the project is to make my own six-CD "box-set" to play in the car. A
> sort of personal-taste upgrade of "30 Years of Maximum R'n'B".
> ....
> So - the idea is to add a little "colour" along the way - much the same
> that the "official" box-set features stage announcements etc.

I love the exchange on the Filmore (68?) boot where Pete talks about the
previous club management.  "We call *that* kind of place a pisshooooole."
And is joined by Keith as they both yell out "pisshole."

> I've identified a few I want to drop in - Pete saying "Play some
> What do you think THAT was then? Bleedin' Mantovani??" (which I found the
> other week, and now I've lost again - I *think* it's on "Who's Last"
> somewhere).

It introduces Twist and Shout from that tour, but it's not on that album.
Is it from the box set?  And I wondered who was saying it.  It sounds like a
tv or movie recording.  Are you sure it's Pete?  A couple others from that
tour are Pete introducing Eminence Front with "You can't understand what I'm
saying, can you?" or It's Hard with "What's hard is making it feel hard!"  I
don't think that line made it on to the IH re-master, though.

Obviously, TKAA would be a great source for these kind of things.  How about
John saying "I can't think of anything to say" leading into The Quiet One?
Have you got the Thirty Years DVD?  There are a lot of interview snippets on
that, and some stage banter.  Pete introduces something (Dreaming From the
Waist?) as "This is a song about cheese sandwiches."  The Young Vic disc
from WNDE has a couple of jems, too.  "Oh, you nearly tripped up, you silly
boy.  That's what happens when you let people in free."  and "'Cause I've
had more fucks than you've had, mate.  Many more.  When you catch up, come

> Anywhooo - this thing's taking ages to do. The software I'm using is not
> great, and there've been a LOT of coasters so far.

I've been looking for something to rip audio from DVDs.  I found something
that seems OK, but if I want the full version, I've got to pay.  Seems funny
when there are so many CD ripping/burning programs out there for free.

> What I want to do now is add those splashes of colour

How about Pete's promise at Mansfield, MA 2002, "We will be BACK!"?

Jim M

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