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Tue Jul 20 07:45:17 CDT 2004

> Well, since I would never have guessed that Bargain
> was about God, I'd think 


I know what you mean...I didn't see Drowned as
spiritual until it was pointed out to me.

> some of Pete's more recent lyrics could be more than
> meets the eye too.

It's possible.

> and The Grid has some odd possible meanings

I see the Grid of a sort of "God substitute." As in
people seem to need an overwhelming fatherly presence
to tell them what to do. that spiritual or

> I know its older, but "Sleeping Dog" I think is
> pretty amazing.

Who but Pete could get away with using the line
"provide you with some fun and food" in a chorus?


> So you don't think that "dressed to kill" has any
significance when added to 
"Come on, join the party"?  Like maybe, this isn't a
real fun party to go to?

I don't get that out of it. Just "get dressed up and
come party with us."

> So EF is upbeat and romantic but not spiritual?

Not "romantic." You DO know what the new romantics
were, don't you? Hint: it wasn't romance.

> I'm fine with Bargain.

It's too easy. It's about giving yourself to God,
plain and simple. "I"d rather lose me to find you/I'd
rather give up all I've got."

Of course, I've always had a slight problem with "I'd
give up my good life for bad." Obviously not something
God might want. BUT I think it's more of a concept
than an offer.

> Why do you think it's especially spiritual and/or

Because it's about giving yourself the Big G?

> Anywhooo - this thing's taking ages to do. The
software I'm using is not 
great, and there've been a LOT of coasters so far.


I'm an old hand at making CDs (and DVDs). I'll be glad
to help. I've had the most luck with Roxio's Easy CD
Creator and Nero. The latest version of each is fine,
but if you're working with earlier versions I'd advise
Easy CD Creator.
Cool Edit is great for working with the songs, editing
and things like that. Although I've been using it for
years and there may be a newer program that's better.
It may be that programs running in the background are
your problem. I'd shut everything down before starting
a burn. I'd advise against generational copies...the
sound quality degrades despite what some say.

I made my own such collection, all bootleg live
material I called Stages. Disc One starts with some
Scene Club material through Ready Steady Go's and
Swedish shows, also a US radio show to Fillmore East
1968. Includes You Rang, Runaround Sue, Please Don't
Touch, Jingle Bells, and a restored version of My Way.
25 tracks in all. Disc Two has 3 from Tanglewood (from
the 30 Years DVD) and the entire Tommy LAL...I need to
change that since it's been officially released, I'm
going to replace it with Amsterdam. Three started with
two songs from Young Vic, the four
released-but-out-of-print songs from San Francisco
1971, Join Together/MG Blues from TKAA soundtrack and
3 from Swansea `76. Much of this has also been
released; I'm looking for a great-sounding 1971 show
to replace this disc. Four is Largo/Philly 12/73, the
King Biscuit radio show complete. Five is all
non-Keith material, from Dancing In The Streets to The
Relay (2000 tour). Includes material from Essen,
Toronto, Live Aid, and Radio City `89.
It's the five disc live boxed set I always wished MCA
would release. (sigh)

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in the same category within the classic example ‘a
little bit pregnant’."
            Robert Heinlein

Cheers         ML

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